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Stiggins to close their eyes, and rock themselves to and fro on their chairs, in a troubled manner, he furthermore indulged in several acts of pantomime, indicative of a desire to pummel and wring the nose of the aforesaid Stiggins, the performance of which, appeared to afford him great mental relief.
Some of these were settled by the men-at-arms with brief ceremony; the shafts of their battle-axes, and pummels of their swords, being readily employed as arguments to convince the more refractory.
While some questioned the fitness benefits of playing the Wii Fit regularly, UFC Trainer is prepared to pummel you in order to see you shed the pounds.
These particles continually pummel Earth, harmlessly passing through anything in their path (see diagram, right).
Depicting himself and his idiosyncratic artist pals and their friends enjoying themselves at the Cedar Tavern, he captures a marvelous vitality (and inspires wonder at the fact that they didn't competitively pummel each other to death).