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The age of the spherules suggests a gradual decline in Earth's pummeling.
As the mean, green fighting machine you get to smash up everything in sight, pummeling your opponents with your fists or picking them up and using them as weapons.
Either I had to be ready or he would not only win, but with a relentless pummeling.
So brutal is the hosts' pummeling that now Dreier not only refuses to appear on J&K's show, but he is also giving the cold shoulder to other stations and shows - like KABC's Doug McIntire just across the Los Angeles radio dial - that he once used to pummel his adversaries.
Neither man was injured during the shootout, but when the robber ran to his car in an escape attempt, Kesler followed and began pummeling him with the shotgun.
The current barrage of solar storms pummeling Earth hasn't harmed power grids on our planet or damaged satellites, but it's generated a lot of buzz.
The recent pummeling of competitive telecom stocks is the forerunner of further growth and innovation to come in the industry, according to New Paradigm Resources Group, Inc.
By the time Harvard-Westlake High of Studio City center Evan Harris got through pummeling poor Duarte through the first two quarters of Wednesday's Southern Section Division III-A playoff opener, the only drama remaining was whether the Wolverines could fend off boredom long enough to complete the victory.
The 85-year-old woman approached the man and began pummeling him with her metal cane.
Because most older rocks were probably pulverized during the cataclysmic pummeling, it's not clear whether the resulting hydrothermal systems served as refuges for life that existed before the extraterrestrial blitz or as crucibles within which life began.
Just as Polly enters with the turkey on a platter, the fracas reaches its height and the pummeling Pilgrims end up knocking the bird off the tray and into the dirt.
Tim Matheson stars as Bill Dunne, the network's star anchor whose show is nonetheless ``getting pummeled by the Game Show Network'' - and believe us, that's a pummeling - and he's a little problematic.