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Punch biopsy of the skin is a simple, inexpensive, safe OPD procedure, causing minimal discomfort to the patient.
Punch biopsy demonstrated interface changes and a perivascular and periadnexal infiltrate involving the superficial and deep dermis (A) in association with irregular papillomatous epidermal hyperplasia (B).
Histopathologic examination of a punch biopsy, taken from an appropriate lesion, usually provides the correct diagnosis.
A punch biopsy sample from the right hand showed acute inflammation and suppurative granulomas of deep soft tissue.
A punch biopsy is usually done when the sample needs to include overlying skin.
These patients should have a careful examination of the vulva using a colposcope, and if a lesion is present, a 4-mm punch biopsy is warranted.
It has been shown that punch biopsy does not reduce the occurrence of negative Lletz, and may be unreliable.
the scalp or mucosa), the clinician can perform a shave biopsy, punch biopsy, or an elliptical excision to successfully remove them.
In a related study, microscopy had sensitivity (71%) and specificity (77%) comparable with skin punch biopsy specimens (59% and 90%, respectively).
A punch biopsy may be necessary during the work-up.