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In some Florida counties that replaced punch card systems prior to 2002, intensive training of poll workers made the difference between success and disaster.
Computer punch cards have, in large part, gone the way of the eight-track tape, but Allan Co.
The above samples were examined by means of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) using a Rheometrics three-point bending fixture adjusted so that the amplitude of deformation approximated that caused by a stylus in a punch card voting machine.
Many new merchants in the Silicon Valley and Seattle area are already offering Pirq's digital punch card feature including Metamorphosis Salon in San Jose, Aurora's Massage Therapy in Santa Clara, Rock Star Tan Bar in Bothell, Extreme Pita in Kent and Bothell, and Dairy Queen in Edmonds.
Florida, recall, was the bitter battleground for the 2000 presidential election, where it was claimed that malfunctioning and archaic punch card systems threw the election.
Currently most health care facilities use clocks that range from punch card clocks to more sophisticated hand punch clocks.
That means instead of reading ballot booklets and then poking out the right number on a separate punch card, voters from now on will make their choices right on their paper ballots, using a pen or pencil to fill in oval or rectangular shapes to indicate their choices of candidates and measures.
Our punch card counties did just as well as our mark-sense counties.
The hero of Musil's novel is a mathematician and philosopher, and the punch card embodies the idea of systematized and condensed meaning, technology rendered poignant through obsolescence.
This was well-known, as evidenced by the DNC's pre-election hiring of Telequest, a Texas telemarketing company, to call 74,000 voters on election day to raise concerns about punch card ballots.
They must then visit every exhibitor listed on the punch card for the chance to win the trip to the 2010 ESPY Awards.