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But the punch line shows that the famil is all gay, thus defeating our expectations of normalcy and flexibility.
The `Write Norm's Punch Line Contest' was the first time the `Norm' show has joined ABC.
The 'Write Norm's Punch Line Contest' is a perfect example of how ABC.
But could I just say that the two old biddies behind us wasted the play by giving the punch lines and finishing the jokes before the cast.
DEPUTY Prime Minister John Prescott's ongoing battle with the English language is celebrated in a new book, Punch Lines.
I don't agree with all the particulars, and don't want to spoil his punch lines.
Adams creates the setup, the audience provides the punch lines.
Herold's lowered-expectations approach to materials is typically augmented by titles that operate like punch lines, completing the objects' narrative setups.
As we document in "Rand-O-Rama," she casts a long shadow, not simply providing punch lines for South Park but infusing such recent movie hits as The Incredibles with what a Times reviewer called "a disdain for mediocrity.
If novelty outshone craftsmanship, the most effective of the works employed either visual punch lines or repetition to make an impression, while several of the short works served to frame some terrific dancing.
The book is a comprehensive collection of party jokes, off color college humor and decidedly un-PC punch lines.
Phrases and actions are limited to punch lines and punches and take place within an almost logarithmic rotation: The words "And father never returned