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She meant that a confident speaker delivers the punch line and pauses for the laughter because he or she knows it will follow.
It plays with the listener, who is tricked by the punch line.
9, a credit will appear onscreen identifying the joke writer's name and hometown after each winner's punch line has aired.
The 'Write Norm's Punch Line Contest' is a perfect example of how ABC.
I won't blow the punch line, other than to wonder how that final tableau might have been reconfigured had the movie been made by a gay man rather than a straight woman.
300 Boy Scouts at jamboree fall sick awaiting president's speech: You write your own punch line.
Only the opening - someone starts to describe the most disgusting vaudeville act ever - and the non sequitur punch line are consistent.
In & Out (with music by openly gay composer Marc Shaiman) flies so confidently toward its Capra-esque climax that one can't help feeling let down in the last ten minutes, when Rudnick fails to deliver a punch line worthy of all that has preceded.
Director John Polson treats the waifish Fanning as a running sight gag, using her gaunt features and unblinking saucer-shaped eyes as the film's primary punch line, apparently not caring that the camp value deflates whatever suspense he might be trying to build.
There's a story about ('The Tonight Show') coming back from a commercial break one night when either Don Rickles or Bob Newhart - one of his good friends - was telling the 'Aristocrats' joke to the audience during a commercial break and the cameras came back just as the audience heard the punch line,'' says Provenza, whose own career was launched after a performance on Carson's ``Tonight Show.
Never one to hold back from sharing his views, Chubby will air his Don't Get Fit, Get Fat show - and promises to turn headlines into punch lines as his trademark lines into punch lines as his trademark banter sails as close to the mark as ever.
Sex and the City funciono en la television durante seis temporadas gracias a dos virtudes: primera, que sus guiones cristalizaban en torno a una metafora central que comunicaba todas las subtramas y se filtraba aun al nivel de los punch lines.