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It's not entirely clear when or why massive cakes became as intrinsically linked with wedding-day magic as punch-ups, rambling speeches from drunken uncles and furtive fumbling between ushers and bridesmaids.
The punch-ups are realistic and well directed by Dito Montiel.
Staff fall-outs, punch-ups, drunken rants at the boss and alcohol-related vomiting are common features of a works party these days.
SCOTLAND'S build-up for tomorrow's crucial World Cup clash with Fiji was scarred by a couple of internal punch-ups during training this week - and skipper Bryan Redpath could not be more delighted.
The body's general secretary said the BBC had been 'remarkably naive' and encouraged unlicensed punch-ups.
He wouldn't have got the chance to get into punch-ups in bars, or carry a chip on his shoulder which affected his game for 18 months.
COUNCILLORS have called on city schools to take action to end the morning and afternoon traffic chaos which has even resulted in punch-ups.
Car chases, ticking time bombs and punch-ups efficiently tick off the action boxes, but you'd do better streaming a Bond or a Bourne flick instead.
Cleary's match-maker Adie Bush is putting together a ten-fight bill at the Tennis Club on Friday, June 14 - and they will all be heavyweight and super-heavyweight punch-ups.
Huge punch-ups on the pitch are a great test for rugby reporters' powers of understatement - who can forget commentator Bill McLaren's "little bit of argybargy" - and special mention must go to the Yorkshire Evening Post writer's attempt to skip over the violent scenes with a pithy "the game turned ugly after 50 minutes".
JOHN HIGGINS has slapped down Judd Trump's idea that snooker stars should be paid according to their popularity - and claims it could lead to player punch-ups.
Newcomers can expect car chases and punch-ups galore in this high-octane sequel.