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Many of our parts have hundreds of punched holes and complex features, which is what we ran in the test because we wanted it to replicate routine punching projects as much as possible.
This constriction point is overcome during the punching cycle with the force of the ram, but acts like a one way door to prevent the slug from following the punch during the return portion of the cycle.
That was good, but employees began punching each other in and they would claim to forget their cards to avoid clocking in.
With the recent addition of several new products, all requiring punched stainless steel cabinetry, the company set up a new punching department using a new Murata Wiedemann Motorum 2044 precision punch press.
Punching tools are used for separating the pharmaceutical stoppers produced in the molded pad.
Hoshizaki America ice-makers are designed with highly durable stainless steel enclosures fabricated using high speed CNC turret punching machines.
It eliminates the manual part of the punching process, which is time-consuming and leaves room for error," said Rick McCallion, vice-president of Product Technology and Partnering for GBC's Industrial and Print Finishing Group.
Sarchian said he almost stopped punching early Wednesday, but got a second wind.
Its large part-size capacity ideally suits it for punching and forming large-scale panels for vending machines, refrigeration cases, steel furniture and structurals for the construction trade.
Always interested in the Guinness Book of World Records, and wanting to belong to an exclusive club, he learned of the punching bag record set in the mid 1990s by Eunan Devenney.
With these folding-box gluers and punching machines, we will be closing a gap in our portfolio and can therefore offer our customers extended solutions on the key growth market of packaging printing", continues Schreier.
I felt I was stronger, though, my punching power, physical power.