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Salmon, because it involves "the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive.
Many an hour of hilarity is really a long game of conkers and there is a strange pleasure for the experienced in observing the punctilio of stroke and counterstroke.
1928) (describing fiduciary duty as demanding "the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive").
230) This moralistic tone--captured most succinctly in Cardozo's standard of "the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive" (231) runs deep through the history of American corporate law.
It must have been irresistible for both Hofmannsthal and Strauss to go back to an imagined time where, at the proper distance, courtly punctilio was observed in the text, if not in the music.
Salmon and Fiduciary Duty's Punctilio, in CORPORATE LAW STORIES (J.
1928) ("Not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive, is then the standard of behavior.
172) When an indignant court follows Cardozo and limits its analysis to sounding off about fiduciary standards being "stricter than the morals of the market place" and "the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive,"(173) the court is neglecting to discuss whether the underlying deal supports the level of fiduciary obligation that the court invokes.
Boxx, Of Punctilios and Paybacks: The Duty of Loyalty
How long are they supposed to wait for the punctilios of the "human rights" groups to be satisfied before the condition of the actual residents in former Yugoslavia is allowed to improve?