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She was commissioned by the Fundacion Sanso to recreate in mosaic one of the works of the master, Juvenal Sanso, whose trademark bouquets of flowers and ever present moon were punctiliously captured by Zayco's assembled multitude of glistening tesserae, delighting the artist himself.
The assumption was that the interviews would reflect the criminal defence bar as singularly committed to one steadfast, deeply entrenched, univocal vision of their mission: a uniformly client-centered mandate, punctiliously observant of a duty of loyalty that would inform nearly every aspect of their ethical identity.
While the contributors punctiliously report the findings of their own research, the larger significance of transnational anticommunism is not easy to gauge.
The detail of this is well researched, and Fox punctiliously supplies his references.
Moderators should be punctiliously neutral, to the point of not questioning factual representations of debate participants whatsoever; that is the job of the other debaters.
This latest preoccupation is addressing once more the position of the painted garnishing surfaces on the initial two-dimensional flat masterpieces which are this time copies of other surfaces punctiliously chosen, these manifestly of ceramics origin, that he is also replicating as fourth generation images, since the maker is working from reproductions, on the multi fired head of Henriette.
He was not a political president, but everyone knew he was a punctiliously correct one.
That being said, judges do not appear to have followed this rule punctiliously.
Getting the heavy, cumbersome suit off without touching the outside surface however briefly is a complex procedure that must be performed punctiliously to avoid contamination.
Kant's definition of the process by which the beautiful work of art is produced runs thus: the work must "agree punctiliously but not painstakingly with rules in accordance with which alone the product can become what it ought to be, that is, without the academic form showing through, i.
Due to these reasons, from location to architectural characteristic, from schedule to interior quality, they need to be designed punctiliously and with the consideration of the effects at all levels.
This is why, while cherishing the Good as a salvific principle and embracing a path of penance, nonattachment and self-sacrifice, Praneshacharya persists in punctiliously observing the samskaras (sacraments and purifying rituals) prescribed for a brahmin as the best means of achieving progressive self-realization (75).