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At that time, it was a form of decoration abhorrent to German punctiliousness.
Formalism predicates actions with a certain elaborate punctiliousness that separates them from the informal and casual.
No Northeastern high-energy, righteous confrontation here, no flat Midwestern punctiliousness.
And the collected local media were granted a first-hand glimpse of his punctiliousness last week when Money unveiled new signing Par Lederqvist.
Equally impressive was the clarity of delivery from these dedicated choristers, and the punctiliousness of their accentuation.
6) A small example of her punctiliousness occurs in The Heir of Redclyffe (1853; New York: Oxford Univ.
The beast that forgets, aggresses, and enjoys without debt, conscience, or guilt is now one who is "forcibly confined to the oppressive narrowness and punctiliousness of custom.
Burney's formal rhetoric and melodramatic plot seem old-fashioned beside Mansfield Park; so indeed does the faultless heroine, for the Wanderer is a paragon, pursued by false suitors and entrapped by predatory plots and her own punctiliousness.
While Hendel is criticized for a lack of precision, Bringhurst is called over-precise with a didactic method that Rafaeli refers to as "an odd combination of familiarity and punctiliousness.
Or do they suppose that those whose death the Church has, according to Miss Toynbee, "caused" were prepared completely to disregard the Holy Father's teachings as to whom they might have sexual relations with and under what circumstances and yet to respect his teachings with the utmost punctiliousness, and to their own destruction, with respect to questions of the permissible methods of contraception?
I like to pretend that my lack of punctiliousness and inability to grasp the fundaments of time management are by-products of my artistic temperament.
Browning has sifted the available documentation--Nazi communiques, diplomatic exchanges, military briefings, field commanders' orders, official letters, commissioned studies, minuted notebooks, personal correspondence by German soldiers--with a punctiliousness that reflects a deep knowledge of the German language and a commitment to ferreting out the complete truth about a complex historical event.