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A terror-stricken cry punctuated by the crack of a rifle brought Bradley, Sinclair and Brady to their feet in time to see James, with clubbed rifle, battling with a white-robed figure that hovered on widespread wings on a level with the Englishman's head.
The roof of the cubic patio is punctuated by nine apertures, that will project sharp sun-spots onto the walls and floors.
The New Jersey MTA has had a banner year, punctuated by an innovative and successful Performathon
In Agendas and Instability in American Politics, Frank Baumgartner and Bryan Jones hypothesized that policy progress is not steady, but instead is characterized as a form of punctuated equilibrium.
A perhaps overly-strenuous question and answer session was mostly punctuated by Steve Olson's and Jim Fitzpatrick's long, repeated probing over the movie's spiritualistic bent.
Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould's description of the evolutionary theory of punctuated equilibrium points out that geologically abrupt appearance and subsequent extended stasis of species is a fair description of evolutionary reality.
Punctuated with singing, passages from the Book of Mormon, and caricatured voices that range from a female Mormon psychotherapist to an offensive rendition of a Japanese businessman, the play is alternately funny and sad--and at its best moments, both.
Granada Hills won a fifth consecutive City Section team championship in girls' golf Monday, and coach Steve Thompson's Highlanders punctuated their record-stretching day by also winning their first individual championship.
Barron's narrative weaves in and out of each of these tales, punctuated by glimpses into the dark realm of Gawr and his sorcerer Kulwych.
A darling of the 2004 Whitney Biennial, the subject of recent high-profile financial wrangling, and a MacArthur Foundation grant recipient, Mehretu is a virtuoso whose breathless graphic maelstroms, punctuated by splotches of bright color, effectively illustrate Sussman's notion of a neoabstract "invented world.
While punctuated equilibrium (PE) reflected in the fossil record is a strong negative evidence to the underlying principle of phyletic gradualism (PG) enshrined in the evolutionary theory, the phenomenon of cell-directed mutagenesis challenges another tenet of the theory, namely, the requirement of stochastic mutations produced by extra-cellular agents to create heritable changes in the organism.
Watson's lively and imaginative story is nicely punctuated by the equally lively and imaginative illustrations by Dave Patterson.