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Tal ausencia, sin embargo, se mantiene patente a traves de una ambiguedad discursiva nacida de la herida de la identidad post-revolucionaria, de ese punctum que no acaba de reconciliarse con los esfuerzos por reconstruir el pais.
Absorption time for the Comfortear Lacrisolve(TM) Absorbable Punctum Plugs is approximately 6 months (=<6).
Keckley's punctum on these occasions is to join a long list of black and white commentators on the dead president's role for the progress of racial relationships.
Indubitably, just like the other photographic and filmic representations of the jumpers, this photo also shocks viewers; but the element of shock would not amount to a punctum in this particular image.
The Punctum Day Awards, now in their third year, are hosted by iStock Photo and aim to highlight outstanding quality and artistic merit.
The punctum in the depths of the image becomes the counterpoint [contrapunctum] of theory.
1) Can any writer on photography resist the trap of recycling, as if it were a properly analytical distinction, Barthes's openly subjective opposition between the studium and punctum of a photograph?
These nodules are surmounted by a punctum through which the larvae breathe.
Other measures include devices to deliver smaller drops, occlusion of the nasolacrimal punctum and blotting away excess drops after drug administration.
In context, every photo bears the potential of the punctum (Barthes, 1981); one look, one face, one name can "prick" the casual spectator, trigger a memory, open the black hole of history.
Such pieces of graffiti are like the punctum of photography in Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida, something that 'rises from the scene, shoots out of it like an arrow, and pierces me'.
So for example in Punctum contra punctum for two pianos (1974) the performers together assemble a certain form from the visual notation on transparent sheets, and then have to learn it and later do it from memory.