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Scholes' is as and as tackling his on Rooney curious Scholes' punditry is as biting and predictable as his tackling and his turnaround on Wayne Rooney is curious.
But with the MLS season scheduled to end in October, the 35-year-old will be free to perform his punditry duties thereafter.
The punditry seems to be having a greater and greater effect on the decision process at the FA.
It is interesting because Roy was very much into the punditry while " he was not involved in any manage ment, and now he has shelved that for a while.
The centre-back is moving into television punditry next season and Rodgers admits their gain is not only a loss to Liverpool but the game itself.
The veteran centre-back will end his playing career later this month and turn his talents to television punditry.
On the Friday night I'm on my Blue Square Premier League punditry duty, covering Champions-elect Fleetwood's important home game with Lincoln.
He shoots brusque bullets from his thin Northern lips and his cricket punditry is as obdurate as his batting.
The former England captain wants to return to his television punditry role next season rather than make his stint as Newcastle boss more permanent.
In Betrayal: How Black Intellectuals Have Abandoned the Ideals of the Civil Rights Era, prominent scholars, such as Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates, Stephen Carter, Shelby Steele, and John McWhorter, come under fire for their books and punditry that analyze contemporary U.
Ol' Slim's Views From the Porch: A Plethora of Punditry, A Wonderment of Wisdom is an anthology of twenty-six of Slim Randles' timeless columns, originally run in New Mexico Magazine.
First, the political system can now no longer control the flow or content of information available on a mass basis, leaving politicians at the mercy of blogs, video cameras, and mass punditry.