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Neither drying and cooking nor freezing causes chillies to loose their pungency.
Sensory panels define the attributes of olive varieties and rate them according to the intensity of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency, but also provide an in-depth evaluation of fruit flavor characteristics.
The combination of sweet ginger with the pungency of garlic is a wonderful flavour combo.
He went on to isolate the compound, oleocanthal (which is responsible for the pungency in olive oil), and discovered that it had powerful anti-inflammatory action.
Tests in wild chilies linked pungency with vulnerability to drought and to attacks by ants that devour the seeds, he reported June 14 at the Evolution 2009 meeting.
The sesame scallops were seared and served with an avocado-wasabi puree that was smooth and surprisingly mild, without the sharp pungency I expect from wasabi.
However, the use of this natural antimicrobial in food packaging systems has been restricted due to its high volatility and pungency.
However, many unprotected delivery forms of capsicum have been found to cause users intense discomfort in the mouth, throat or stomach owing to the pungency and natural heatgiving component of red peppers.
Yves Ravey practices a strippeddown, brief version of the contemporary novel, one in which the principle of narrative economy is deployed in an effort to heighten the pungency of fiction.
It will add pungency to soups and casseroles, but only if used at the last minute.
While our memory for certain odors remains active throughout our lives, a paradoxical corollary is that one's immersion in various smells masks their pungency to that particular person but not to others.