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Chekhov's story, "The Beggar" (1887) is an economically and pungently told short story whose theme is the "salvation" of a lying, drunken young man seeking a hand-out who, at the surprising end of the story, reveals how he was mysteriously "saved" from his dissolute ways and restored to respectable society.
It is a simple but pungently atmospheric evocation of somnolent southern Mediterranean afternoons, throbbing with the scent of jasmine.
I remain, of course, completely hooked on films and I'm a huge fan of Hollywood's special effects and grand themes as well as the intense, cheap, sad, funny, clever, pungently scripted jobs the British, French and Italian schools remain so good at.
The general concept and the consequences in the last crisis of getting used to structured finance without transparency and diligence were pungently noticed by Coval, Jurek and Stafford (2009):
As such, she is as pungently offensive as periwigged lowbrows.
As Bedford Forrest so pungently put it, "War means fighting.
As a media critic for Slate for the past 15 years, Shafer has written pungently, sometimes brilliantly, about Murdoch.
The culture of the UK as a whole has been reeking pungently of late--its venal, voyeuristic, reality-show-obsessed, me-me-me nature thrust under the magnifying glass by revelations about what the tabloid press would do to satisfy the prurience of its readers, hacking into phones at any price, even the phone of a 13-year-old murdered girl.
Last time I was in Sofia I had an entertaining meeting with an impressive American official who pungently commented on the murky contours of money, power, crime and foreign influence in Bulgaria.
Columnist Ellen Goodman expressed that view flippantly, but pungently (10/11/2003):
Ripley, Minghella thought that "sound would more pungently and dynamically evoke the .
As the genre evolved throughout the next two decades, an array of styles under the hardcore umbrella emerged, with northern California, Trash Talk's home, constantly churning out new incarnations, pungently named subgenres like power violence.