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Fives North American is a punier provider of innovative, engineered solutions to web guiding users.
While patently inadequate, the number is even punier when the probability of detection or punishment is considered.
I'm going to say the gays, despite the fact that admittedly there is nothing punier or more preening than a lot of current gay travel journalism.
Ramsay further asserted that "the mulatto is less robust, more delicate, punier, and more capricious than the Negro.
Smith & Wesson used punier cartridges, initially due to their Model No.
It would seem the only thing punier than being a Democrat these days is being a moderate Republican.
Chief executive Denis Punier said: "These latest changes have been made to enhance our customer focus and set the foundations for Redbridge to make further progress.
Her belly grew larger every moment, and the wedding guests grew smaller, punier, and less noticeable.
Developing second thoughts about using CCI Mm-cap rounds, my buddy Leo dug around and came up with a box of Eley Conical Bullet Caps almost half the age of the revolver itself, and substantially punier than even the CCI Caps.
It could explain why male TV and film stars often seem smaller and punier in real life, said Harper.