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Surely, there is little future for a group whose most persuasive defense is not refutation of the vileness of its acts but rather a quip that the puniness of the organization ensures the irrelevancy of its behavior.
Mumford, especially, can be seen as providing Wright with a precise blueprint through which Bigger could become "a symbol for all the larger things" when he desc ribes Ahab as embodying "the lonely heroic spirit, who declares himself a sovereign nature" (Golden 149-50), "the spirit of man, small and feeble, but purposeful, that pits its puniness against [the blind, fatal, overpowering energies of existence] and its purpose against the blank senselessness of power" (125).
So to the extraordinarily ground-breaking Pathetique he imparted a strength of arm-muscle which recreated the puniness of Beethoven's original piano; I'm not so sure about the wisdom of Donohoe's repeating the shock-horror introduction.
He may underestimate the effects of pervasive state terror, the puniness of the individual living in the leviathan state.