punishable offense

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Since Riyadh equates atheism with terrorism, for example, the following photo is a punishable offense in Saudi Arabia.
The Second Section of the ECtHR decided in 2013 that the denial of the Armenian genocide was not a punishable offense.
Greg Abbott on Friday signed into law a measure that makes online solicitation of a minor a punishable offense.
The reindeers have also been placed in the Chinese State Key Protected Wildlife list, which makes the hunting or killing of reindeers, without permission, an illegal and punishable offense.
All warehouses and other commercial entities should take all safety measures and failure to do so should be made a punishable offense.
In both instances, girls are vilified, being pregnant is viewed as a punishable offense and any "disruption" caused by others is blamed on the victim.
Societal awareness of the moral problem of racism is higher than it's ever been, with new laws being put in place to establish this as a punishable offense.
Under this law all such practices have been made punishable offense.
The report said that it is not against military law for soldiers to post online ads looking for sex but many commanders find ways to make it a punishable offense anyway.
Possessing Spice has now become a punishable offense by the UAE law.
Fourth, the Central Bank said it is now a punishable offense to have any foreign currency in one's possession without a receipt from a bank or licensed dealer.
TOKYO - The National Police Agency said Thursday that 95 percent of respondents to a recent survey believe the ''phishing'' Internet scam in which users are cheated out of their IDs and passwords by being lured to phony sites should be made a punishable offense under the law.