punitive action

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He told that on the basis of the survey report, strategy will be evolved for further improving the capabilities of the traffic warden to ensure smooth flow of traffic as well as to take punitive action against the traffic violators.
He advised all persons, subject to the assets' disclosure regulations, to abide by the timetables to spare themselves punitive action.
About 7000 teachers are likely to face punitive action throughout Punjab.
He also advised them to display the price lists of essential commodities conspicuously at their premises to avoid punitive action.
Punitive action will be taken against firms violating the rules, the ministry said.
In November 2012, he narrowly survived possible punitive action by his peers after he smuggled fuel into the parliament and torched the Israeli flag in parliament without warning anyone.
3m for the four years to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, but performance targets were missed, prompting UK Sport to take its punitive action.
On this occasion he complains at the Governments punitive action of naming and shaming plus increased fines against employers paying less than the minimum wage and it is reasonable to assume he would complain equally as much if no action was taken.
10 ( ANI ): New Zealand Cricket remained tight-lipped over reported punitive action being taken against batsman Jesse Ryder and fast bowler Doug Bracewell.
US President Barack Obama has called for punitive action in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Tuesday that any punitive action against Syria for an alleged chemical weapons attack last month would be illegal without Security Council approval or a sound case for self-defense.
The deadline would fit with the ongoing narrative of a limited, punitive action against the Assad government, but also leaves open the prospect of Congressional extensions of the war, and could in practice be extended more with an additional resolution, Antiwar.