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Negativity/Pessimism A pervasive focus on negative aspects of Punitiveness life.
Falco (2008) compared levels of punitiveness among criminology majors and noncriminology majors.
impossible to sustain without some external definition of punitiveness.
Although courts have intervened in some cases, the overall growth in legal punitiveness is remarkable.
The new punitiveness was coupled with deemphasis of the public health piece that had dominated Ottawa's approach to drugs under Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien.
Angry as he was at whites' religion, he did not probe the internal punitiveness of a religion he identified with ignorance and fanaticism to think about the sacred nature of the violence he documented in his work.
Law and order politics in the homeland served to erode the due process of protections and replace it with punitiveness that took guilt as it starting point.
Source: "The Punitiveness Report-HARD HIT: The Growth in Imprisonment of Women, 1977-2004" (2006).
For the Netherlands, rationality and prevention, and not repression and punitiveness, are decisive in dealing with crime (Kennedy, 2004: p.
Depression was significantly related to perceptions of parents' punitiveness and withdrawal of love.
Patterns of punitiveness in women with eating disorders: International Journal of Eating Disorders, 17, 365-371.
And, while this 'moral panic' approach to New Labour's legislation does get us quite far in explaining their love of creating new criminal laws, I think there are at least four other forces at work too -apart from this populist punitiveness.