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Many coaches believe that the punt is the most important and most dangerous play in football.
Everett, meanwhile, said he returned punts at Chaminade Prep of West Hills, even taking ``three or four back to the house'' his sophomore season.
This year, we're going to have to kick it up a notch,'' said Rey Maualuga, who plays on punt coverage and also will see a lot of time at linebacker.
Throughout our first three games, we experimented with different people until we found the guy we were looking for -- an athlete who was to become the 17th ranked punt returner in the country for a unit that averaged 12.
5-yard average on punt returns last year, bringing three back for touchdowns.
After practice: short and long snappers with line coach; Return people with WR coach (using punters); A coach will work with punt block personnel.
51 in the 100 meters in the spring, will get the chance to make an impression returning kicks and punts in training camp.
Whereas a punt might net you 15-25 yards against the wind, a successful play might enable you to run two more minutes off the clock.
While it takes guts to fake the punt, the play offers a great opportunity.
After the punt, the offense runs three plays, after which we fake a punt (13), then run three more plays to score (14).
If one subject keeps USC coaches alert this week, it might be UCLA punt returner Maurice Drew, who averages a national-best 29.