purchase price

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Should the number of shares tendered at or below the purchase price result in an aggregate purchase price over CAD20m, those shares will be purchased on a pro rata basis.
To address this concern, buyers often will condition the payment of the full purchase price on the clients remaining with the buyer for a certain time period, generally between two and five years.
The parties often disagree on the amount of the post-closing purchase price adjustment because the provision is not clear or circumstances arose that were not contemplated when the provision was drafted.
It included a term loan for 84 per cent of the purchase price and associated expenses and subordinated debt for the remainder.
Prior case law allowed a deduction for part of the purchase price that was, in fact, a cancellation penalty.
In many cases, the purchase price varies based on client retention and is a percentage of collections from clients of the selling firm over a three to five-year period after the sale.
If Cisco had accounted for all acquisitions as purchases, similar ratios of in-process R&D expense to purchase price probably would have applied to the $15 billion of acquisitions accounted for as pooling.
197 intangibles (including goodwill and going concern value) in Class IV would require taxpayers to determine the FMV of goodwill and going concern for purposes of allocating purchase price to all the Class IV assets.
Observation: This new position enhances the flexibility of bankrupt or insolvent partnerships realizing COD in a purchase price adjustment from a seller.
197 has simplified purchase price allocations and eliminated the need to estimate the fair market value (FMV) of most individual intangible assets.