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The Purchasing Power Protector living benefit rider guarantees inflation protection on lifetime withdrawals that increase annually according to increases in the U.
The program is being piloted with a number of companies now and will launch to all Purchasing Power clients in the next few months," Halkos concluded.
This corresponds to an average per-capita purchasing power of 13,636 for the 42 countries under review.
The daily came out with the report after studying the riyal's purchasing power from 1989 to May 2013.
The purchasing power index takes into consideration net income, expectations for the GDP, inflation, prices of goods and services, etc.
Income from employment increased below the average of the past years but still contributed greatly to the overall purchasing power, KMU Forschung said.
People value money for what it buys, and, given the opportunity, they will use the national currency that offers them the greatest purchasing power.
Nor does it plan to stop producing nickels and pennies--a step that would make all too obvious the extent to which the government has destroyed the purchasing power of our money through inflation.
Purchasing power in Italy has fallen 14 per cent, while Germany is down 13 per cent, France down 12 per cent and Greece down 11 per cent.
Sanford Paris, owner of Paris Industrial Parks in Encino, said consumers' increased purchasing power was a key factor in 15 percent growth in his company's profits last year, along with a recovering real estate market.
Purchasing Power was able to triple the virtual machine (VM) density on its databases and reduce run times for its SAS data analytics program and its monthly financial reporting by 85 percent.
Germans spend 40 percent of their retail purchasing power on food, beverages and tobacco products.

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