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sed et purgare refectionis portio est: purgare autem proprie dicitur ad libramentum proprium redigere sublato eo quod super eam esset.
Breviarium caeremoniarum MonasteriiMellicensis, Corpus Conseutudinum Monasticarum XI/2 (Siegburg, Germany: Schmitt, 1987), 72-73: "Inter exercitia autem sunt haec opera: Scribere libros, legare vel corrigere libros, purgare legumina, scopare monasterium vel ecclesiam, claustrum vel domitorium aut ubicumque iussumfuerit, in hortulis aliquid agere, terram, ligna aut alia necessaria fodere autferre etsimilia talia" [Nevertheless, among the exercises are these works: to write books, to bind or correct books, to clean vegetables, to sweep the monastery or church, cloister or dormitory or wherever you might be ordered, to do something in the garden, either to dig the earth or carry wood or other necessities and similar chores of this kind].
The MPs, Chamberlain wrote, "find yt more then Hercules labour purgare hoc Stabulum Augiae of monopolies, patents, and the like: and they are now fallen into another labirinth (whence they see no way out,) of briberies and extortions in matters of justice, and the first tempest is fallen upon my Lord Chauncellor, against whom there come in daylie more petitions and accusations then they can overcome" (Letters of John Chamberlain, 2:354).
The current shareholders of Purgare Holding, the parent company of CleanLeaseFortex, are founder Albert Hartog and private equity firm AAC Capital Partners.
La pratica pero si scosto gradualmente dal rigore di tale principio, e fu ammessa la possibilita di purgare la contumacia anche dopo trascorso l'anno; i beni confiscati, in tal caso, non venivano resi al proprietario, o se venivano resi cio accadeva sotto forma di provvedimento grazioso del sovrano, al quale spettava incamerare le confische (77).