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Lear's purgatorial suffering, the "wheel of fire" to which he alludes when he awakens to Cordelia in act 4, brings him to momentary faith.
here and a purgatorial hereafter are dramatically represented in the
But locked in his fierce isolation, Haze remains a stranger in the province of joy, though by the end of the novel he has entered the purgatorial realm that may lead him, in death, to his true country.
How galling that fully underwritten new life business typically languishes in purgatorial orbit around the underwriter's desk, on average, 18 to 28 days.
In Wyndham Lewis' Monstre Gai (1955), the second book of his often impenetrable trilogy The Human Age, Pullman and his ex-school-fag Satterthwaite try to gain admission to the Third City, a purgatorial world beyond the grave, by joining the entourage of a cynical, ambiguous and authoritative figure called the Bailiff.
His victims die only because they do not atone for their sins and are thus unable to navigate their way through his purgatorial traps.
Given Adam and Orlando's embrace of the anti-populist discourse of handwringing self-righteousness, and Orlando's double standard on cash, it is no wonder that Orlando's incorporation into the drama's community of revelers is purgatorial, proceeding by both personal suffering and stage humiliation.
In mid-life, he wanted a purgatorial move, cleansing the dreck of decades.
The name Thaba Nchu is thus reoccupied, and occulted, becoming a fragment serving the representation of Mrs Curren's purgatorial journey.
Amongst the diverse shapes of in-between-ness, one of its most enigmatic forms happens to be the purgatorial existence between life and death.
Here are six ideas to transform your orientation from a purgatorial experience to one that makes your new employees glad they took the job.
Kyd's Spanish Tragedy, for example, does important cultural and judicial work, transforming "the purifying idea of a Purgatorial 'satisfaction' for sin after death into the probative idea of God's working through the people and the officers of justice to discover evidence" in this life (280).