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PURLIEU, Eng. law. A space of land near a forest, known by certain boundaries, which was formerly part of a forest, but which has been separated from it.
     2. The history of purlieus is this. Henry III., on taking possession of the throne, manifested so great a taste for forests that he enlarged the old ones wherever he could, and by this means enclosed many estates, which had no outlet to the public roads, and things increased in this way until the reign of King John, when the public reclamations were so great that much of this land was disforested; that is, no longer had the privileges of the forests, and the land thus separated bore the name of purlieu.

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They have been searching the grounds and outbuildings of the school in North Road Dibden Purlieu.
Eighty police and volunteers with dogs combed the New Forest near the family home in Dibden Purlieu, Hants.
Project researcher Christine Hodgetts said the spring was probably a quarter of a mile away, in Purlieu Lane.
If the narrator often falls into pastiche, self-parody lies beyond his purlieu.
The placing of third world women's texts exclusively within the purlieu of area studies does not necessarily strengthen our understanding of either subaltern women or texts.
Woollard, of Dibden Purlieu, Southampton, was one of more than 50 people arrested after the protests when dozens of people forced their way into the complex of buildings two weeks ago.
Rosemary Edwards was last seen at her home in Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, on September 4 after a family argument over her lying about losing a part-time job.
David Edwards said at a press conference that his daughter, Rosemary, who was last seen at her home in Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire, last Tuesday, was not in trouble.
Michael, 64, of Dibden Purlieu Hampshire, said: "The point where he ran in is about four inches wide but at the other end it is no wider than a cigarette packet.
The 13-year-old was wounded in his upper right arm at Applemore Technology College in Dibden Purlieu, Hampshire last week as he headed for the playing fields.
The pair fished in Southampton Water, near their Dibden Purlieu home, where dad Bill Scott bagged a personal best 4lb 10oz mullet.
Youngsters at Clinton Combined Primary School, Caesar Road, were given a chance to test their gardening skills by planting hazel, hawthorn and field maple shrubs along the Purlieu Lane footpath.