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Anyone with information on burglars or handlers can call the Operation Purloin robbery team on 0845 1135000.
I know of chimpanzees who see a lot of human behavior, who on managing to purloin something like a screwdriver will attempt to undo the screws holding their cage together--which may partly explain the limits on this kind of inquiry
Counterfeit goods, a laptop, sim cards and cannabis were seized at properties in the Foleshill area of Coventry on Monday as part of Operation Purloin.
Book one of an ongoing series, Arlyn And The Purloin Bane is a fantasy novel set on an Earth-like world called Tartarus, in which a woman named Arlyn must come to grips with the gaps in her memory to figure out who and what she is.
Because each and every government believed (rightly) that they owned a share of the Air Afrique airline, heads of state invariably felt (wrongly) they could justifiably purloin aircraft to take them where they pleased at a moments notice.
Detectives running Operation Purloin said they are were confident they could disrupt the trade in stolen goods and impact on the number of burglaries.
Supt Tim Godwin, who is heading up Operation Purloin, said: "We will have people on standby and are ready to pay burglars a visit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
The raids will be part of Operation Purloin - the biggest ever offensive of its kind - which began in October.
Superintendent Tim Godwin, of West Midlands Police, is heading Operation Purloin, a festive crackdown on burglars and their middle-men, and wants those tempted by a bargain to stop and think about the human cost.
We collected firewood for months on end Woe betide any rascal who dared purloin Our 'stash' why?
This picks up Benjamin: "Method of this project: [ldots] I shall purloin no valuables.