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The fact all of that was knitted together with tales of death, the appearance of a plastic snake-cumweapon and musical interludes on a purloined trombone seems, written down, almost as deliciously absurd as it was in person.
Villa was distracted by his suspicion that Baca had purloined a shipment of Villa's money, for which he placed a $30,000 reward on Baca's head, and he didn't notice that the carbine went missing.
A few years later, the museum rehung the empty frames that once surrounded four of the missing pictures--discarded by the thieves, they are relics of the purloined works.
The men had dug a hole under a fence around the power plant in order to sneak the purloined scrap metal out and sell it, he said.
Today we have forsaken purloined brains for a plenitude of processed delights.
The scandal broke early in the week, when the French news magazine L'Express revealed Bernheim's 2011 book, "Forty Jewish Meditations", contained purloined writings.
According to the report, earlier, the judge refused to block sales of the infringing products in the US after she said Apple failed to show consumer demand for the Samsung devices was driven by the purloined technology, including the 'pinch-to-zoom' function.
6 million account details purloined from government, military, and industry.
as The Purloined Paperweight) did not appear until 1967 and is one of his 'stand alone' novels.
5 million pieces of purloined personal information were traded in online forums.
Money they purloined from the same masses shovelling the sh**.
With a name purloined from their favourite film, director Noah Baumbach's The Squid and The Whale, the band at one stage were in danger of falling into that American trap of being better known for their quirky name than their music.