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However, the video just gives demonstration of the purported device with background music and no voice over.
and Ibrahim Mohamed Al Amin are charged with knowingly and wilfully interfering with the administration of justice by publishing information on purported confidential witnesses in the case.
In a case where the power of the purported organs of government are imposed upon individuals by an unlawful use of force, there is no legal duty imposed on those individuals to submit to institutions established by the purported 'State' or by a body acting on its behalf," said the legal opinion.
In retrospect, it is unlikely that our patient had asthma, but the severity of her purported symptoms demanded that she be treated.
He has also been named, along with 42 other purported Vineland Boys, in a 56-count federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations indictment.
Irving Kristol's protege Jude Wanniski, the godfather of supply-side economics, used an AEI fellowship to write his 1978 book The Way the World Works, which promoted the dubious Laffer Curve, and its purported proof that tax cuts lead to more net government revenue.
Hence, an investigator's choice to study a particular locality or purported environmental hazard will serve the interests of some persons and not others.
These findings call into question the conclusions of the many earlier studies of echinacea's purported cure for the common cold, says Gilroy.
In what has been called the first wave of vanishing-premium litigation, the largest life insurers have faced purported nationwide class actions in federal court.
It appears it is no longer necessary for clients to maintain an exhaustive list of purported business reasons or purposes for forming a partnership as long as it is formed under applicable state law.
FDA does not have information about the safety or purported benefits of the following substances, which consumers frequently have questions about: blue-green algae, chromium picolinate, colloidal minerals, pycnogenol, creatine, HMB (beta-hydroxymethylbutyrate), cat's claw, echinacea, goldenseal and pyruvate.
As a safeguard against spurious creditor's claims, a grace period should also be established to permit the employer to confirm its solvency or rebut the purported creditor's claim before the trustee is obliged to suspend payments.