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Alaska Communications, in consultation with its advisors, intends to review TAR Holdings' purported notice of nomination to assess whether it complies with Alaska Communications' Amended and Restated Bylaws and, accordingly, at this point, Alaska Communications is unable to confirm that such purported notice of nominations, as submitted, is in compliance with Alaska Communications' Amended and Restated Bylaws.
Her lawyer Romulo Macalintal said Tuesday that the Commission on Elections and the Supreme Court acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal should investigate Marcos over his acquisition of purported ballot images.
I initially became involved in this study when I was contacted about a previous study that found two purported yeti samples to match genetically with an ancient, 120,000-year-old polar bear that I was doing research on," Lindqvist said.
However, the video just gives demonstration of the purported device with background music and no voice over.
and Ibrahim Mohamed Al Amin are charged with knowingly and wilfully interfering with the administration of justice by publishing information on purported confidential witnesses in the case.
All attempts made by their Authorized Agent to ascertain the reason for the said purported rejection were of no avail and the Returning Officer merely informed the Authorized Agent that any further steps with regard to the said nomination paper, then it will have to be taken through Court, it alleged.
Most importantly, this extensive biological characterization that we have developed can serve to further guarantee the safety in multiple sclerosis patients of any purported generic version of Copaxone.
Since the Enron internal investigations, prosecutors have become more skeptical of narrowly-constrained internal probes performed by lawyers too closely aligned with matters being investigated and corporate investigations that did not root out purported wrongdoing.
3) Asher named the condition after Karl Friedrich Hieronymous von Munchhausen (the anglicized spelling of the name is different from the German version), an 18th century (1720-1797) German baron and one-time mercenary officer in the Russian cavalry who was purported to be a teller of wildly exaggerated tales--a claim that itself may have been exaggerated.
He has also been named, along with 42 other purported Vineland Boys, in a 56-count federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations indictment.
Irving Kristol's protege Jude Wanniski, the godfather of supply-side economics, used an AEI fellowship to write his 1978 book The Way the World Works, which promoted the dubious Laffer Curve, and its purported proof that tax cuts lead to more net government revenue.
Hence, an investigator's choice to study a particular locality or purported environmental hazard will serve the interests of some persons and not others.