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invitation could the space to interrogate state's foreign Instead it was a sedated affair letter "Instead it was a purposefully sedated affair.
I purposefully sent all international observers to Harmanli, so they can see the terrible conditions, and decide to help.
Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni denied sending out his players to purposefully get in the faces of the Brazilian team and Andrews added: "The manager does drill discipline into us.
Where Rice Daubney's marching figures score is that they represent an organisation, a college of special talents, working in their big, efficient building doing big architecture and marching purposefully in your cause while the shadowy ringmaster makes sure everything happens as it should.
Perhaps most intriguing is the way he's managed to preserve the purposefully discordant sexual energy of his prior work while mostly deep-sixing the T & A.
In learning a new culture, learners need to purposefully construct an understanding of the other worldview, a different reality in order to speak with people from other cultures.
According to TEI President Judy Zelisko, the conference was kept purposefully small.
The information contained in this book can serve to guide women purposefully through professional experiences so as to position themselves into greater spheres of influence and opportunities.
Christos Tsitsaros has purposefully written this music to present students with "the kinds of challenges that are present in the late-intermediate and early-advanced literature of the great piano masters.
The preface to the report stated: "Our approach is purposefully aggressive in seeking to draw connections, on the assumption that any indication of a relationship between these two hostile elements could carry great dangers to the United States.
should be developed systematically, seriously, and purposefully," The bishops decided that the Sunday before the feast of Christ the King should be celebrated as India Communications Day (Zenit, January 19, 2004).
This element, which suggests a reference to the Eastern Roman Empire, is most strikingly employed by Bernini, whose colonnade encircling Piazza San Pietro alludes purposefully to the Forum of Constantine at Constantinople.