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While Cross purposelessly tramps through the wilds of Alaska, we spend far too much time in Washington DC as his nemesis - Norton's colonel - sits in a room talking about intelligencegathering assets, national security emergencies and agents in deep cover.
This means more kids in camp learning character building skills, and fewer kids purposelessly wiling away the summer months.
30) Line 7 seems almost paradoxical in that the words are not described as being spoken or articulated in anyway, but rather as purposelessly flying back and forth.
The analogies point to the conclusion "that the world is getting worse, that it is sinking purposelessly into corruption" (p.
The orderly would stand motionless in the middle of the room, saying and doing nothing, apparently purposelessly.
although all he does at that price is illustrate what a hideous ragbag of losers it is that lollops purposelessly around the house.