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Given that combined textual and contextual analysis is inconclusive, though indicative that the absence of a section 6 currency requirement is substantially more probable, expanding the scope of analysis to purposive interpretation yields the following hypothesis: the majority's interpretation that section 6 contains an implicit eligibility requirement that membership in one of its designated institutions must be current is ultimately plausible only insofar as there is clear and compelling evidence circa 1875, such as from the Hansard debates, that Parliament intended that designated Quebec appointees must be current jurists.
And the various ways in which to interpret statutes all fit within the broad categories of either the textualist or the purposive approach.
Although there are some benefits to the approach employed--randomisation forces surveyors into places they might otherwise have neglected, while purposive survey outside these squares acknowledges common sense and provides flexibility--there are also some drawbacks that call for caution in use of the data.
The Purposive media is constructive and is not preoccupied with trivial matters; it puts the interest of the country above any other interests" Abdel Maqsoud said.
Purposive sample of registered nurses (n=14), attending physicians (n=7) and fellow physicians (n=3) with advanced training in critical care medicine, consenting to provide information about the use of advance directives in the care of their patients at high risk for death in this ICU.
Thus, in order to strengthen the hands of investigating agencies, I am inclined to give purposive interpretation to the provisions.
The self-selected purposive sample was from a 400-bed acute care hospital in the South of England.
In proposed regulations (REG-149625-10) published on November 23, 2011, the IRS proposed three fundamental rule changes in implementing the purposive approach that are taxpayer favorable and should simplify some (but certainly not all) of the complexities of applying Sec.
86) To avoid confusion, the Eleventh Circuit's approach under this element will be referred to as "categorical" or "categorical similarly-situated" to differentiate it from the contextual similarly-situated analysis of Cleburne and the purposive similarly-situated test introduced later.
The majority took a purposive approach that shaped the rest of its analysis.
We just think that you need to read the Powley test in a purposive manner and it allows you to find that mobile Aboriginal people may have larger traditional territories .