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For students who want to pursue their education at university level, passing an access course is by far the best instrument in gaining a degree - so much better than passing A-levels.
But now the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India have changed the rules that DU's commerce teachers said means: either you pursue CA after Class XII or, if you wish to do BCom, you can pursue CA only after that.
This is also indicative of past findings in which males tended to pursue status more than females (e.
With the price tag for a digester in the $1 million range, Stubbings says Ontario simply does not have huge factory farms for a reasonable return on investment as well as the economies of scale to pursue that waste market.
Each individual must be free to travel, to pursue happiness as he sees fit.
You may pursue your interests in African-American Studies Architecture, Business Administration (MBA).
End (E): Versus a pass set or base block, he must find the ball and pursue.
Governor McGreevey's administration has clearly stated its intention to pursue NRD damages much more aggressively than in the past, and we expect the number of claims in New Jersey to start rising dramatically within weeks," explained Doug Real, senior project manager of environmental consulting firm BEM Systems, Inc.
4] Some experts categorize pursuit policies as either restrictive or judgmental where, in the former case, the officer may only pursue given the existence of certain well-defined criteria, or, in the latter, where the officer may decide whether or not to pursue based upon certain factors.
Advocates for academic-based programs argue that their methods produce a dancer who is well trained and well rounded, prepared to pursue success in and outside the dance world.
In a product-liability development ominously similar to asbestos, a Rhode Island Superior Court decision cleared the way for the state's attorney general to pursue legal action against paint manufacturers for problems allegedly caused by lead-based paint.