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The Company intends to pursue collection of the judgment it received in that lawsuit against Wholefood Farmacy Corp.
Whole Living has and will continue to pursue our legal rights in order to protect the company's proprietary information, products, materials, business plan, and the interest of our distributors, customers and shareholders," stated CEO Doug Burdick.
Sharp Technology Ventures will pursue business development opportunities, including joint development, licensing and spinouts, for select Sharp technologies.
OTCBB:PACC) announced today that it will continue to pursue large blocks of the $25 billion Human-Resource Outsourcing industry through aggressively pursuing acquisitions of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs).
AMB will pursue these investments much like it has pursued its domestic business, through co-investment joint ventures.
It is expected that AIMCO will continue to pursue acquisitions of new general partnership interests while consolidating the existing universe of limited partnership interests under AIMCO's control.
The Company continues to pursue collection on other receivables.
We anticipate that a decision to pursue a depository institution strategy will take 3 to 4 months to properly evaluate and develop a business plan, and during that time the Company may also review other alternatives.
SunBlush will pursue specific B2B product verticals where fundamental changes in distribution logistics can be achieved through application of our life extension technologies.
Customer Relationship Management Company Pursues COPC Certification to
AGL's financial measures weakened slightly following the Solaris Power acquisition, however, and could come under further pressure as it pursues further acquisitions.
Once he determines the back doesn't have the ball, he should pursue.