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He said that those challenging state's security narrative risked disappearance without a trace, while those purveying hate speech were allowed to go free.
The conservative talk jocks have been purveying this canard to explain their monopoly of the spectrum.
Even though the revision was written by four distinguished Stanford mathematicians, the educators' propaganda machine persuaded much of the mathematics education community that the new state standards were purveying mindless rituals as mathematics, to the destruction of students' "higher order thinking skills.
Since 9/11 a cascade of books purveying instant analysis on the ramifications has hit the bookstores.
It was, for instance, a Dane, Jens Peter Muller, who established himself as the fitness guru of the belle epoque, purveying the body beautiful to enthusiasts as far-flung as Franz Kafka in Prague.
I mention all this because bookstores everywhere are now purveying a best-selling new title called The Myth of Excellence.
Although they sell drugs and medications, what they're really purveying is the knowledge and creativity of the researchers who develop these products, obtain approval, and get them to market.
Many people, when enjoying a holiday in Britain or abroad, spend at least part of it purveying the pictures of local estate agents dreaming of the haven they could create for themselves.
Even a fast-food chain, ZIPPY'S, purveying some of the fattiest of local fare, now boasts vegetarian lowfat chili, and several other vegan options.
As for global information and technology, in most instances, such as television programming, motion pictures, and publishing, these media are controlled by a small clique of Western multinationals purveying a limited set of opinions in an insatiable quest for profits.
This slim volume is filled with excellent work on the creeping global reach of mass media, particularly their transformation from mere means of conveying content into ever more purposeful means of purveying lifestyle and overall brand image.
Textbook publishers care no more about purveying intellectual nourishment to young people than networks care about purveying spiritual nourishment or fast-food franchises physical nourishment.