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The part of a statute or a law that delineates its purpose and scope.

Purview refers to the enacting part of a statute. It generally begins with the words be it enacted and continues as far as the repealing clause. The purview is distinguished from other parts of a statute, such as the title, preamble, and savings clauses.


noun ambit, area, arena, borderline, boundary, bounds, breadth, circumscription, compass, concern, confine, contemplation, delimitation, department, design, extent, latitudo, limit, limitation, limits, locus, magnitude, meaning, orbit, perimeter, plan, province, purpose, range, reach, scope, span, sphere, stretch, term, territory, view, zone
Associated concepts: purview of a statute
See also: area, coverage, jurisdiction, province, scope

PURVIEW. That part of an act of the legislature which begins with the words "Be it enacted," &c., and ends before the repealing clause. Cooke's R. 330 3 Bibb, 181. According to Cowell, this word also signifies a conditional gift or grant. It is said to be derived from the French pourvu, provided. It always implies a condition. Interpreter, h.t.

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1) If 4 justices concur that the request is not within that purview, the attorney general will be advised immediately in writing and a copy will be filed in the clerk's office.
Consequently, one can view this process as officially falling outside the purview of the FAR and DFARS.
Board members did hear that in the mail were instructions to members on how to contact their federal House and Senate members to promote support for bills that would close a loophole in the Surface Transportation Board's purview that allow unlicensed transfer stations to operate under a railroad exemption.
The world's largest democracy (India), three of the world's remaining communist regimes (China, Vietnam, and North Korea), and the nation with the world's largest Muslim population (Indonesia), all fall within the purview of the Pacific division.
In academic circles, a concern with growth was previously thought to be the appropriate purview of social scientists working in the field of international development, but today, the topic has been mainstreamed.
This was the state of affairs when historian Diana Lindsay brought Marshal's recorded experiences back into public purview with the publication of his writings, gleaned from the pages of Desert Magazine and anthologized in Marshal South And The Ghost Mountain Chronicles: An Experiment In Primitive Living.
With the commissioning of practices such as Morphosis, it has also expanded the purview beyond those established architects who have sometimes monopolized government work.
They spent money on a consultant who helped them write a compact specifying which responsibilities belonged to the board and which were the purview of the superintendent.
But this endeavor was outside the purview of the study.