push ahead

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Yesterday, both our and foreign mass media mentioned quite a few arguments explaining why Russia could not have any such motives," Lavrov said, adding that "Such motives might certainly exist in the minds of those who would like to push ahead with the Russophobic campaign in all spheres of human activity without an exception", TASS reported.
This will give the crew real certainty about their future with the service, allowing them to put down roots in the local community, and will allow Bristow Helicopters Ltd to push ahead with their plans to build a new, state-of-the-art facility.
A deputy chief of the central bank of China has said that the apex bank will push ahead with the opening of a capital account.
The spokesman said that China is a friend of the Syrian people and has no vested interest in the Syrian affairs, adding that China has maintained communication with all sides involved in the Syrian crisis, including the opposition, to push ahead with dialogue and exerted tangible efforts to calm the situation in Syria.
But if the upper house rejects the budget-related bills necessary to put the budget in force, Kan needs the New Komeito's help to push ahead with them in the lower house with a two-thirds majority for enactment.
Summary: The coalition will push ahead with its "Big Society" agenda next week by unveiling plans for communities to take over local services.
Pompey administrator Andrew Andronikou has said he will push ahead with an application anyway.
There had been a "conscious decision" to reveal details of the push ahead of it beginning despite the risk of losing the element of surprise, the general said in Afghanistan yesterday.
Dubai A Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry analysis of the Dubai Government's 2010 budget indicates that the budget attempts to balance growth with economic welfare and reflects the emirate's determination to push ahead with fiscal spending.
The retailer was set to push ahead with the rights issue before the weekend, but plans were put on hold to investigate false claims of illicit payments made to executive chairman Sir David Jones.
GORDON Brown will today continue to push ahead with his efforts to translate agreements made at the G20 summit into action.
THE Government should push ahead with a "radical" system of personal "carbon credits" if it wants to meet emissions targets, the Environmental Audit Committee of MPs said today.