push back

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In this way, the Container Security Initiative seeks to push back the border to the spot where cargo is loaded.
How does that interpretation, which doesn't involve symbolism, push back abstract thought?
KANC stated, "We evaluated a variety of alternative metrology systems and concluded that Accent's tools will enable us to meet our requirement to rapidly push back the frontier of development in this most demanding field.
b) SFF Medium Back chair size (H-9l4xW-622xD-457) mm and Max (H I 0Q3xW-622xD-457)mm, Revolving & gas height adjustment and push back mechanism with single locking facility, fixed Armrest and nylon base with nylon castor.
He wants a second opinion, because he still has hopes of playing this season, meaning he'd push back surgery until after the season.
The scientists, who described their find in the June 21 online issue of NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN, say the imprints push back evidence of web-footed birds by at least 25 million years.
Travel changes have made it necessary to push back the start time of this afternoon's previously announced press conference with Curt Schilling and Terry Francona of the World Champion Boston Red Sox to 4:30 p.
He wants a second opinion because he still has hopes of playing this season, meaning he'd push back surgery until after the season.
Ongoing radiocarbon studies should continue to push back confirmed dates for southern African rock-art, say Antonieta Jerardino of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Natalie Swanepoel of Syracuse (N.
This gathering of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy provides an opportunity for North America, South America and Europe to expand dialogue on the international drug problem and devise better ways to push back on drugs," says Calvina Fay, Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation.
Tenders are invited for Chairs for biju patnaik town hall Providing and fixing of Auditorium Chair A-18 (RC-PB) Standard push back chair of size C/C 23"-24".
Step 2: Engage your abdominal muscles and drive through your heels (squeezing your buttocks/gluteus) to push back up to a standing position.