push together

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They agreed that the 79 ACP countries and the 28 European Union Member States will push together for an ambitious agreement in Paris.
BARCELONA, Spain, Dhu-AlHijjah 13, 1436, September 27, 2015, SPA -- Pro-independence parties in Spain's Catalonia region were likely to win a majority of seats in the regional parliamentary election on Sunday, according to an exit poll, indicating that they must launch negotiations to find a way to push together for a plan to secede from Spain, according to AP.
We can all push together between now and the season and get where we want to be.
Whereas when it comes to the four-man, the guys in the back become a brotherhood and we all push together.
Sir Stan Yapp has given his understanding to help us get something done and if we all push together we may win.
When you press on it, you push together two metal contacts.
We will use this visit to push together the companies from our country and from yours and also to try to strengthen research at the level of universities in IT," said Fean.
Akol further urged the people to push together as South Sudanese and be united for a common objective of building the new State in a democratic, political, Religious and cultural diversity" In separate statements to the Nairobi-based Sudan Radio Service (SRS), Akol also opined that federalism is the best political system of governance for South Sudan.
Turn out on to a work top, push together well and divide into six pieces.
As they move, some plates push together, creating mountain ranges.
We need all Cardiff City fans to push together to force the song to the top of the national chart.
Before the Israel game I called for everyone to push together on behalf of the team," McClaren said.