push toward

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Go to the smoking-room," she said, giving him a push toward the door.
Carey to her, and then gave Philip a friendly push towards her.
No matter for the money," said she, giving him a little push towards the door; for her old gentility was contumaciously squeamish at sight of the copper coin, and, besides, it seemed such pitiful meanness to take the child's pocket-money in exchange for a bit of stale gingerbread.
It is the most important event because it constitutes the beginning of a new stage in the Middle East amid two pushes: An unprecedented Western push toward Damascus to topple the regime; and an Iranian push toward the Gulf states," he said.
Summary: Morocco continues its push toward widespread mobile phone penetration.
Meanwhile, top Israeli diplomats were heading for Egypt and the United States today in what appeared to be a final push toward a ceasefire to end Israel's Gaza offensive.
THE Pope gave World War II pontiff Pius XII a push toward possible sainthood and defended his memory from accusations he did little to spare Jews from the Holocaust.
There has been a push toward greater South American integration as a bulwark against U.
But at three grams of fiber per serving, none of them give your breakfast a strong push toward the latest daily fiber targets from the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine:
The big issue looming on the horizon, however, is the seemingly inevitable push toward "consumer-directed healthcare"--programs in which employees will be asked to choose levels of deductibles and co-insurance as companies move away from conventional medical plans and seek to shift more of the cost burdens to the workforce.
During the charge sequence, a suspended 1,200-cfm blower located on the overhead crane trolley provides an additional push toward the side-draft canopy.
The researchers plan to further enrich indium in a yet-thinner collector to push toward terahertz speeds.