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POLICE have mounted their biggest patrol using push-bikes - and made at least three arrests in the process.
As she leant her push-bike against railings, a hand came round from behind her and she turned to come face-to-face with a man who tried to pull the bike away from her.
POOLE'S Elite League title challenge had a spoke shoved through its wheels - when one of their star riders fell off while pedalling his push-bike.
An opportunist thief, on a push-bike, spotted a lap top computer which had been left on the seat.
A rep-mobile, I can just about forgive, but riding a push-bike is a guaranteed way to make me see red.
POLICE were today hunting a knifewielding robber who held up a Midland convenience store - before escaping on his push-bike.
With his arm in a sling and still wearing a neck-brace, he gave staff signed photos and posed for pictures with them, promising: "I ain't ever going on a f***ing push-bike again, let alone one with a motor.