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She roused herself, and pushed it further back -- pushed it halfway into the hollow chamber in the wall constructed to receive it.
Had an unknown hand pushed it back in its socket further than she had pushed it, or pulled it to again, and closed it?
cried one of the men-at-arms whom Little John pushed with his elbows.
The ape-man could not rise, therefore, without pushing the lion away and whether Numa would tolerate being pushed was an open question.
he commanded and placing a palm against the tawny shoulder he pushed the lion aside.
When darkness had settled, De Vac pushed the skiff outward to the side of the dock and gathering the sleeping child in his arms stood listening, preparatory to mounting to the alley which led to old Til's place.
Rosa pushed the table, Cornelius placed the broken arm on it so as to make it flat, and with perfect skill set the bone, adjusted the splinters, and fastened the bandages.
While noting these things with an interest and attention which it now astonishes me to recall I felt myself thrust aside, and Judge Veigh, whom in the intensity and vicissitudes of my feelings I had altogether forgotten, pushed by me into the room.
They groped with aimless imprecision, tried to force their way out against the current, pushed and elbowed, struck at random, fell and were trampled, rose and trampled in their turn.
Tita mia, you have been a brave girl, and it was better that you should be pulled and pushed than that my head should be broken.
Quietly, but with confident courage, Pollyanna ascended the chapel steps, pushed open the door and entered the vestibule.
She tried to pull the portfolio away, but he pushed her back.