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More specifically, the ALJ stated that the taxpayer had not offered any evidence of why the note was pushed down after being carried on the parent's book for four years, no payment had been made and no interest had been paid or accrued on the debt through the audit period, and no evidence had been adduced demonstrating what the taxpayer had received to trigger its issuance of the note.
3 Get even with defender; don't get pushed outside.
And the company pushed its rock a little further up the hill.
In the walk toward Calvary, the people in the crowd are at once pushed and doing the pushing.
The Federal Railroad Administration said Wednesday that commuter trains that are pushed by the locomotive engine - like this Metrolink train traveling south through the Santa Susana Pass - are as safe as trains that are pulled in each direction.
Very little impact sound is generated as the cam (note 3) connects to a slide when the switch is pushed, thanks to the embedding of a damper spring in the movable slide component.
GroupLens continues to learn more and more about each subscriber every time they review their favorite content, enabling Netscape Netcaster channel providers to further personalize the pushed content to the interests of each customer.
Local channel directory information, which is dynamically updated either by BackWeb or by the enterprise; local channel registration, client access options, and two-level content control make it easy for end users to make intelligent use of pushed information and software.
CNN news wirelessly pushed to desktop and mobile computers;
In most cases, the quality of the content is limited by the inability to provide enough compression to avoid latency or delays in the applications that are being used as the content is pushed.