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Brits pushed around WHEN is something going to be done about the British people being pushed around?
Wagner, who sings like a scalded cat, is clearly the least talented contestant the show has ever seen while poor Anne is simply a human wardrobe being pushed around by an out of puff Anton du Beke.
The Shakers had a great chance to break the deadlock inside the opening five minutes but Ryan Lowe's penalty was pushed around the post by Glenn Morris after Chris Barker had fouled Nicky Ajose.
The visitors had a purple patch midway through the second-half when Charlie Griffin hit the bar and Lee Fowler had a good effort from 20 yards pushed around the post by Lovett.
If I drive this car around, I'll likely be pushed around by cars and trucks.
You and your teeth aren't willing to be pushed around any more.
Cardiff won 2-1 at Coventry with new centre Louis Goulet firing the winner and player-coach Ed Patterson said: 'We had to let Blaze know we won't be pushed around this season.
Not a man to be pushed around, Sir Alex should bide his time until the start of August and then retire on wealth grounds, landing soccer-dunce Glazer with a pounding headache.
They said they were pushed around in the lift and one girl's hair was pulled.
Former SEC commissar Bebel puts the issue more bluntly: "I think the SEC was pushed around by Martha Stewart's lawyers.
Certainly, the way last season went, I'm hoping to settle down in that position now and not get pushed around too much.
Yvonne Itter, a transsexual who had been involved with the rebellion, said, "A lot of people attended the funeral and were just sick and tired of being pushed around by the cops.