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With pusillanimous actions one cannot bell the cat.
A one-time waiver that India received in 2008 is not enough, and in any case the Manmohan Singh government's pusillanimous approach after that waiver, through the introduction of the nuclear liability law, virtually made that concession all but infructuous.
While it's easy to condemn people who think powdered rhino horn (or bear gall bladder) will turn Percy Pusillanimous into Tarzan, we're dealing with different cultures and long standing beliefs, whether or not these beliefs are discredited by science or not.
Weak and pusillanimous political leadership in the West, clearly at the beck and call of the one percent, has spawned growing movements of the extreme right and left in Europe, and in the United States the Trump/Cruz/ Sanders phenomena.
He will be content to excel doing the small things but will remain pusillanimous in big things where the windfalls are.
Orban's pusillanimous Hungary forgets how, in 1956, at the time of the Soviet invasion, about 200,000 Hungarians fled into Austria and found refuge and freedom in Western Europe.
PUSILLANIMOUS A Pressing forward in business B Cowardly C Aggressively enterprising who am I?
Budapest, SANA Forum for Syria and Syriancommunity in Hungary condemned the terroristexplosion targeted Hasaka city, asserting thatthis barbaric pusillanimous act aims atdestabilizing the city.
This is the sort of pusillanimous sophistry designed to encourage our youth to blame others rather than themselves.
Who's crazier - people who believe the airliner shot down over Ukraine was a CIA semi-drone (the "pilots" bailed out over Poland) filled with corpses that was detonated remotely to make poor, innocent Russians look bad, or people who believe President Obama is a weak, pusillanimous tyrant/dictator Kenyan atheist/Moslem fanatic who has "literally" been shredding the U.
But there is another section which is suddenly energised by the show of aggression by their normally pusillanimous leadership - they were bold enough to show black flags to Modi, again something that I do not remember happening with any other prime minister, at least in Maharashtra.
Consider next his insinuation that Sonia was manipulated by her pusillanimous son.