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PUSILLANIMOUS A Pressing forward in business B Cowardly C Aggressively enterprising who am I?
TERRIBLE INDICTMENT When a sage must call for the spirit of democracy to rise within a democratic system there is a need for the Navajo COYOTE WAY we are a PUSILLANIMOUS PEOPLE TERRIFIED OF THE SPIRIT OF CHAOS HORRIFIED AT DYONISIAN ECSTASY
Budapest, SANA Forum for Syria and Syriancommunity in Hungary condemned the terroristexplosion targeted Hasaka city, asserting thatthis barbaric pusillanimous act aims atdestabilizing the city.
To think that this cannot be done is pusillanimous.
This is the sort of pusillanimous sophistry designed to encourage our youth to blame others rather than themselves.
He is a complete failure--physically handicapped with high blood pressure, rather confused mentally, and cursed with a pusillanimous character.
In 2015, you're going to hear far more about protecting Americans from everything that endangers them least, and especially about the need for a pusillanimous president (or so he was labeled by a range of Republicans this campaign season) to buckle down, up the ante, and crush the Islamic State, that extreme Islamist mini-oil regime in the middle of an increasingly fragmented, chaotic Middle East.
Surely this is the economics of the madhouse, encouraged by pusillanimous politicians, with the unfortunate consumer footing ever increasing energy bills coupled with an ever-increasing prospect of a power failure.
Who's crazier - people who believe the airliner shot down over Ukraine was a CIA semi-drone (the "pilots" bailed out over Poland) filled with corpses that was detonated remotely to make poor, innocent Russians look bad, or people who believe President Obama is a weak, pusillanimous tyrant/dictator Kenyan atheist/Moslem fanatic who has "literally" been shredding the U.
Surely all of this has to be the engineering and economics of the madhouse encouraged by pusillanimous political minds that do not have a clue, with the unfortunate consumer footing ever increasing energy bills coupled with an ever increasing prospect of a power failure.
Consider next his insinuation that Sonia was manipulated by her pusillanimous son.
He excoriates what he sees as pusillanimous, disengaged, and disingenuous behavior on the issue by senior civilian and uniformed leadership within the United States government.