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hydrometrica Pauridia glabella Yellow Star Orchidaceae Acianthus caudatus Mayfly Orchid Acianthus exertus Large Mosquito Orchid Acianthus pusillus Small Gnat Orchid Caladenia praecox Early Caladenia Caladenia?
sibirica mongolitimonae was detected in Hyalomma excavatum ticks in Greece and Cyprus; in Rhipicephalus pusillus ticks in France, Portugal, and Spain; and in Rhipicephalus bursa ticks in Spain (6).
Milne Edwards, 1834) Decapoda Ozius rugulosus (Stimpson, 1858) Decapoda Liocarcinus pusillus (Leach, 1815) Decapoda Petrolisthes galathinus (Bosc, 1802) Decapoda Charybdis acuta (A.
4; Cn: Cardiocondyla nuda (Mayr, 1866); Cp: Cephalotes pusillus (Klug, 1824); Db: Dorymyrmex brunneus (Forel, 1908); Dp: Dorymyrmex pyramicus (Roger, 1863); Lg: Linepithema gallardoi (Brethes, 1914); Lm: Linepithema micans (Forel, 1908); Li1: Linepithema sp.
Different strains were identified as Rhizomucor pusillus F1 (WF), Rhizomucor pusillus F2 (YBF), Aspergillus flavus F3 (LG), Aspergillus terreus F4 (YF), Aspergillus tubingensis F5 (BF) and Neosartorya hiratsukae F6 (DG).
2005) donde concluyen que los primeros estados de desarrollo de algunos insectos [Delphastus pusillus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)] son los mas sensibles a las condiciones naturales de mortalidad, entre ellos la temperatura.
In fact, when we try to imagine the future of evangelization on this continent, do we not see it as the irradiation of a vibrant, living faith practised and declared by individual Christians and Christian communities, big or small, which, with few exceptions, form a pusillus grex in the midst of numerically superior "hearers" of the word?
pusillus were selected for further investigation along with a fruit fragment with seeds from the London Clay (Cantisolanum daturoides).