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An option—a right that operates as a continuing proposal—given in exchange for consideration—something of value—permitting its holder to sell a particular stock or commodity at a fixed price for a stated quantity and within a limited time period.

A put is purchased for a fee paid to the person who agrees to accept the stock or goods if they are offered. The purchaser of this right to sell expects the price of the stock or commodity to decrease so that he can deliver the stock or commodity at a profit. If the price rises, the option need not be exercised. The reverse transaction is a call.


(Place), verb apply, assign a place, attach, base, deposit, dispense, fix, give, imbed, implant, infuse, inject, install, instill, introduce, lodge, park, place, plant, raise, repose, seat, set, site, situate, station, submit, tender
Associated concepts: constructive bailment, involuntary bailment


(Phrase), verb ascribe, attribute, cast, describe, impute, pose, posit, postulate, present, propound, say, set forth, state, throw
See also: advance, deposit, dispose, give, house, impute, introduce, locate, lodge, phrase, place, plant, raise, repose, situated, submit

TO PUT, pleading. To select, to demand; as, the said C D puts himself upon the country; that is, he selects the trial by jury, as the mode of settling the matter in dispute, and does not rely upon an issue in law. Gould, Pl. c. 6. part 1, Sec. 19.

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6 : to think of as worthy of : attribute <The candidate puts a high value on peace.
We spent some time in putting together the numbers to show that if we invested what we were spending in plain old telephony and put in VoIP, it would have ROI within five years.
Starting off with concepts of operations and being able to put those concepts of operations--thinking more about how we're going to fight, rather than what we're going to buy to fight with, and thinking about how we're going to fight first before we think about what we're going to buy to fight with.
Canada's Bradley Snyder said he had the chance to be the first to practice with the new shot put rings after they were placed in the stadium this week.
7 Put your pelvic bone in, put your pelvic bone out,
If the investor wanted downside protection below $55 through the end of the year, he could purchase January expiration 55-strike puts for $4 per share and sell January expiration 70-strike calls at $4 per share.
2, 2002, when the stock's FMV is still $100, the company purchases a 12-month put option on 100 shares with a $100 strike price.
You decide at the outset what percentage of your income you will put away, up to the stated limit of 25% (actually a bit less because of the way the formula is calculated) and a maximum of $30,000, and then must put that percentage of income away every single year, in good years and bad.
Is the shot put something that just gets easier with passing years?
However, if FM does not exercise the fixedpayment option and X exercised the put renewal option, FM would be required to draw on other sources of capital to satisfy its put renewal rental obligations.
Ridnour made both free throws to put the Ducks ahead 94-91 with 27.
1996: Qualifies for the Olympics in both the shot put and discus, becoming the first American to do so since USC's Bud Howser in 1924.