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I think it's very important that both sides of the debate are put across EMMA STARK All my friends have been talking about it and debating it on Facebook BOB LEISHMAN I think people were surprised.
Matthew uses magic not only to entertain people, but to put across his clients' marketing message at trade shows.
STUBBING out tobacco use and eating healthily were important messages being put across to Coventry's Asian community.
She also learned at first hand of the level of cooperation between salmon and shellfish farmers, which is the opposite view to that put across to the public by many NGOs.
But Bronson's manager, Mr Steve Richards, said the former armed robber was entitled to put across his side of the story.
I suppose what I'm trying to put across in a roundabout way is that, when running about town and faced with a queue in a shop, we have a certain expectation as to how long the person in front of us should take.
Folded into the broadside ideology propelled through this photo op, the minister put across an understated message: He wouldn't be staying long enough to bother checking his hat and coat.
He said: "What I am contesting is the fact that I was tried in my absence-I don't believe I can be banned without being given the chance to put across my view.
Kevin Ware, Heather Tietsort, and Shannon Mitchell put across her evocations of carnal hunger and betrayal with poise, precision, and great dramatic intensity.
amp;uot;Everyone is searching for more effective ways to put across their sales messages,&uot; said David Gross, Conde systems president.
thib hdr I wasn't happy with the fact the handicapper hadn't dropped the horse after had finished well beaten at Ascot, and that was the point I was trying to put across.
Ms May's statements are only a recycling of past government plans to tackle street gangs, just different wording to put across her stated intentions which, I think, will fail abysmally, just the same as previous plans on the subject.