put at ease

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You must excuse me," said he, putting Pierre at ease instead of being put at ease by him, "but I hope I have not offended you.
Our guidance is very clear that there should be no undue preparation for the tests and we know of schools where learners are put at ease and simply take the tests in their stride.
And any late nerves were put at ease when, with just five minutes to go, a brilliant break by livewire winger Cheshire saw him denied just short of the line but he still managed to pass inside to Brazier who finished off.
The people hope some kind of authority can be established and the police will be deployed so we can be put at ease.
The highlight is the radiology department's MRI and CT suites, where an otherwise anxious patient is immediately put at ease when he is given a range of 11 themes on an iPad to customise the ambience of the exam room.
I was put at ease once I'd been induced and told to expect him to arrive in about 24 hours.
For Erdoy-an to truly be put at ease, the AKP would need to work a miracle, somehow pulling in 400 MP seats at the June 7 elections.
The mood among the home fans turned to anxiety but nerves were put at ease when Griffiths, right, stole into the box and showed good technique to volley a lofted pass from Brown past Cierzniak, before he was immediately replaced by John Guidetti.
We were instantly treated professionally and respectfully, put at ease while they informed us throughout about the work they were carrying out on her husband.
I still remember the nerves like it was yesterday but they were soon put at ease by the staff team and carers at Canine Partners Southern Centre.
In fact, patients of the esteemed surgeon are frequently put at ease upon learning that he is even a distinguished diplomate of both the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons.
Dr Al Mahmoud said members of the community volunteering their time in this way helped them very much, as most of the time the women at the centre were put at ease by speaking in their own language.