put at ease

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You must excuse me," said he, putting Pierre at ease instead of being put at ease by him, "but I hope I have not offended you.
The officials in those states could at least send a list of fishermen with their names and the villages they hail from in Tamil Nadu here so that the family members are put at ease,"Leonard said.
The result was a soothing drive, with the mind put at ease thanks to Nissan Intelligent Mobility.
However, he was always put at ease by the GP, who discussed issues around his illness with great sensitivity, leaving him feeling both comforted and reassured that although the end of his life was approaching he could rely on his doctor for support and care.
The driver is in control, put at ease, and can enjoy the driving experience.
But United asserted themselves here from the start and put at ease any fans' fears over the return of the grey kit.
I was quickly put at ease when I realised it was just a case of a quick informal chat and letting them know what my grades were.
Thank God, we received a report, and the prime minister's mind was put at ease along with everyone else's.
Considering the unprecedented goodwill the President has shown, these actions from (the NDFP) may provide compelling reason and could put at ease, to some extent, the apprehension of the military and the (Duterte) administration,' Abella said.
She said: "I walked through the doors of Slimming World so nervous, but was greeted by the consultant and put at ease straight away.
I am glad that this decision has finally been made, and that residents' minds can be put at ease.