put behind bars

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We demand that all those who were falsely implicated in Malegaon blasts and put behind bars for the last four years be released immediately.
At Liverpool County Court, Paul Burns, prosecuting on behalf of Riverside Housing Association, told His Honour Judge Graham Platts that Janette Mercer had failed to pay rent since being put behind bars in April and had accumulated more than pounds 2,000 in arrears.
In Europe people are starting to be put behind bars for saying what they think," warned Palko, citing the Green case as an illustration of why the KDH opposed a recently adopted anti-discrimination law in Slovakia.
A boy of 14 who drove a stolen car when it crashed and killed one of his friends has escaped being put behind bars.
SHOWBIZ stars are to be put behind bars in a new reality game show - where contestants are locked up in a real prison.
prisons should be run in a humane manner; but "customers" who commit violent crimes should be put behind bars for a lengthy period.
Criminal charges should be filed against corrupt officials and those in cahoots with them; if found guilty they should be put behind bars so that others will not emulate them.
TWO brothers from the Black Country have been put behind bars for six months after they stole a car belonging to a "vulnerable" 72-year-old man.
He jailed Adamson, who was out on licence from a sentence for robbery at the time, for four years, while Reilly, of Rocky Lane, Tuebrook, was put behind bars for two-and-a half years.
Anti-knife campaigner John Johnson, whose son Kevin was murdered outside his Sunderland home in May 2007, has slammed figures that reveal just a fraction of those caught carrying knives have been put behind bars.
The number of offenders put behind bars fell from almost 1,600 two years ago to a little over 1,000 in the final three months of last year, despite guidelines saying the starting point for the lowest level of knife possession should be 12 weeks in jail.