put beside

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Clare lived, and walked, and moved, as one who has shed every tear;--to the last he saw only one thing, that golden head in the coffin; but then he saw the cloth spread over it, the lid of the coffin closed; and he walked, when he was put beside the others, down to a little place at the bottom of the garden, and there, by the mossy seat where she and Tom had talked, and sung, and read so often, was the little grave.
Steve had no experience, he had a second-rate back-up team and certainly I winced at the announcement that somebody would be put beside him to hold his hand.
I wish I had a small silver trophy I could put beside the other one on the television, his very own Dirty Old Man World Cup.
I don't think Padraig has to worry about an asterisk being put beside his name.
You saw yourself being put beside your friend because she has been paramount in your thoughts since her death.
David added: "We only had one photo of Charlene, so I had that put beside my heart.
How will you soften the bullet-like avocados supermarkets sell without the banana - the great ripener of other fruits - to put beside them?
He is arranging for the ashes to be put beside his wife, Edna, at the cemetery in Bretforton, Worcs.
When he had an open wound in his foot, he was put beside an elderly patient who had MRSA.
A senior detective said last night: "The forgeries are excellent, so good that when they're put beside a genuine note it's hard to tell which is which.
I emailed AA who sent me information which I put beside his pillow for him to read, but he put it in the fire.
A list of good causes could be put beside each Lottery terminal, each with its own computer code.